Apple Watch Purchase Prevention

This is the Apple Watch edition of my new Purchase Prevention Program, trying to keep me from early adopting.

Smart watches are going to be the new hotness, especially once the Apple Watch is out. I’m going to stick with my trusted basic Citizen watch for a while longer. Here’s what would persuade me:

  • standalone functioning, does not need a phone nearby (don’t want to lug anything else along when I’m on long runs)

  • robustness so it can withstand movement and sweat when I’m exercising

  • full set of GPS, altimeter, pulse rate, etc sensors so it can track my runs and every day activities

  • an elegant stylish design that doesn’t scream “nerd”

  • displays just the time and date in analog form in its default appearance

  • displays an alert when there’s a message from a VIP connection

  • excellent speech recognition so I can respond to messages on the spot

  • functionality to take voice memos on the go

  • can send music to Bluetooth earphones

I suspect that the third generation Apple watch will get close to this package but perhaps Garmin, Fitbit, UP or the like will beat them to it. In the meantime, I hope all the early adopters buy loads of early models so that R&D continues at full speed. Ping me when my dream watch is on the market.