Upcoming gigs


  • on leave Fall 2015
  • Spring 2016: MIT 24.973 Advanced Semantics (with Irene Heim)
  • Spring 2016: MIT 24.979 Topics in Semantics (with Sabine Iatridou & Roger Schwarzschild)

Research Agenda

  • A modest proposal for the meaning of imperatives” (with Sabine Iatridou)
  • Hedging your ifs and vice versa” (with Thony Gillies)
  • Dynamic counterfactuals again (with Thony Gillies)
  • Article on “Deontic logic and natural language” (with Thony Gillies) for Handbook of deontic logic and normative systems, edited by Dov Gabbay, John Horty, Ron van der Meyden and Leon van der Torre

Ongoing Activities