AMPRA Call for papers

On November 4-6, 2016, the 3rd International Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA) will take place at Indiana University in Bloomington. I will be one of the keynote speakers (the other two are Herman Cappelen and Susan Herring). There is a call for papers with an abstract deadline of April 15, 2016 (short abstracts of 300 words or less). There are graduate student travel grants available.

Three main topics of the conference are as follows:

(i) Pragmatic theories: neo-Gricean approaches, relevance theory, theory of mind, meaning, role of context, grammaticalization, semantics-pragmatics interface, explicature, implicature, speech act theory, presuppositions, im/politeness, experimental pragmatics, etc.

(ii) Intercultural, cross-cultural and societal aspects of pragmatics: research involving more than one language and culture or varieties of one language, lingua franca, computer-mediated communication, bilinguals’ and heritage speakers’ language use, intercultural misunderstandings, service encounters, effect of dual language and multilingual systems on the development and use of pragmatic skills, etc.

(iii) Applications: usage and corpus-based approaches, pragmatic competence, teachability and learnability of pragmatic skills, pragmatic variation, developmental pragmatics, cross-cultural pragmatics, etc.

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