Here’s an interesting article [HT: Steve Crandall]:

Ciampolini, Mario, David Lovell-Smith, Timothy Kenealy, Riccardo Bianchi: 2013. Hunger can be taught: Hunger Recognition regulates eating and improves energy balance. International Journal of General Medicine. 6:465-478. DOI:

Why do I find this interesting?

  • Any help with weight control is truly welcome.
  • I like seeing Open Access journals that are publishing good stuff.
  • I love that there is a video abstract of the paper.
  • I like the “Resume” at the end of the paper, which has five short subsections:
    • What was already known
    • What had been overlooked
    • What could not be known
    • What the authors’ studies have added
    • Implications

Doing this for many scientific articles wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

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