Might Made Right Published!

In 2003, Thony and I spent many a pleasant afternoon at Burdick’s in Harvard Square doing socially acceptable drugs and brainstorming about the recent spate of work on epistemic modality. Several talks and papers issued out of those conservations, which continued in virtual space when Thony left Cambridge. We had quite a few didactic, critical, and iconoclastic things to say, which have been fairly well received. But our positive account of some of the pragmatic puzzles surrounding epistemic modals took a looooooong time to see the light of official publication. Now it’s here, eight years after conception:

von Fintel, Kai & Anthony S. Gillies. 2011. Might made right. In Andy Egan & Brian Weatherson (eds.), Epistemic modality, 108–130. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Offprint: http://mit.edu/fintel/fintel-gillies-2011-mmr.pdf.

According to Google Scholar, MMR (as we call it) has received 35 citations so far based on electronic distribution of drafts and preprints. It’ll be interesting to see whether the final dead tree publication has any appreciable impact.

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