Sabbatical Diary 2011-07-05

As of July 1, 2011, I’m on leave from MIT for one year, a combination of an overdue sabbatical and an administrative leave at the end of a three and a half year term as Associate Dean (a position to which I will return for another tour of duty after my leave). As the canvas of a full year devoted to research and writing opens in front of me, I very much hope and intend to take good advantage of it. This means both getting oodles of work done and recuperating in a way that’s unadulterated by constantly checking email and worrying and tracking work to-dos. That’s not easy for me, but I will try my best and may chronicle my experience here.

Already over the last few days (which of course was primarily the long 4th of July weekend), structured procrastination has done its magic and so quite a few home chores got done and also some of the backlog at S&P has been reduced. Soon, I will have to turn to some seriously overdue papers and then start taking nibbles at the big project, more about which in due time.

One obstacle to optimal productivity (or perhaps, a legitimate part of optimal recuperation) is the surfeit of high quality football and more football going on right now.

Also, I suspect that there will be quite a bit of blogging both here and there, and in late-breaking news soon over there.

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